The most difficult step of moving to Portugal... made easy!

Yes... importing our car was more difficult than any of the other processes of our emigration. This was also the case for others we've talked to.

We looked online, only to find a bunch of incomplete, conflicting information. The general steps were somewhat clear, but HOW and WHERE to do everything was a mystery..

So we looked for help...

We contacted several companies. The first didn't reply at all. And the second didn't follow through. We lost months in the process.

Finally we decided to just figure the process out ourselves, through trial and error and way too many phone calls.

This country sure loves bureaucracy.

After several months of headache, we finally received our Portugese licence plate!

Now that we know how to do this, we want to help you get through this ridiculous process.

With our help, you can import your car easily!

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