The most difficult step of moving to Portugal... made easy!

Yes... importing our car was more difficult than any of the other processes of our emigration. This was also the case for others we've talked to.

We looked online, only to find a bunch of incomplete, conflicting information. The general steps were somewhat clear, but HOW and WHERE to do everything was a mystery..

So we looked for help...

We contacted several companies. The first didn't reply at all. And the second didn't follow through. We lost months in the process.

Finally we decided to just figure the process out ourselves, through trial and error and way too many phone calls.

This country sure loves bureaucracy.

After several months of headache, we finally received our Portugese licence plate!

Now that we know how to do this, we want to help you get through this ridiculous process.

With our help, you can import your car easily!

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What customers say


Thanks for the help and advice you gave us, we were able to import our two vehicles duty free. It saved us a lot of time and it went without any hassle.


I contacted Car Import Portugal when trying to decide whether to bring my car to Portugal from another EU country. Communication in English was easy, they were very responsive, and the quote was quick.  The taxes ended up being too high to justify the import, and I am so glad I contacted them first - it saved me from an unpleasant surprise later!  I'd definitely recommend working with them if you are considering bringing a car to Portugal.


Car Import Portugal was an invaluable asset in the process of importing my car to Portugal. The vehicle's history of previously being imported from the United States presented unique challenges that I certainly could not have navigated without their help. Furthermore, Mathijs' warm personality and professionalism were evident throughout our interactions. He consistently responded quickly, providing peace of mind and ensuring a smooth experience. I'm thankful for his assistance and highly recommend his services.


Mathijs answered my question about car import promptly and, how it seemed to me, sincerely and professional.