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'How to Import Your Car to Portugal' 

This short ebook is packed with valuable tips and is a lifesaver that helps you avoid expensive mistakes when bringing your car to Portugal:

  • Cost Breakdown: understand the costs involved in importing your car.
  • Avoid Hidden Fees: learn how to steer clear of unexpected charges.
  • Import Taxes Explained: save money by understanding import taxes.
  • Real Tax Examples: see real examples of import taxes for various types of cars.
  • Import Process Insights: know what to expect throughout the import process.
  • Tax-Free Import Possibility: find out if you can import your car without paying taxes.


You will also receive valuable information about:

  • Importing other types of vehicles and trailers.
  • Tips on getting your car to Portugal without hassle.
  • Making car insurance easy.
  • Saving on road taxes.